Dubai City Tours

Dubai City Tour

We will visit amazing, and picturesque landmarks, that combine fabulous architecture with the rich culture of the Middle East. Our tour includes visits to:

·  Burj Al Arab, the award winning, and the only seven star hotel in the world.
·  A panoramic look at Palm Island. The First man made island in the UAE.
·  Jumeirah Mosque. The most photographed building in Dubai, beautiful by day and by night.
·  Sheikh Zayed Road. Where you will see the tall towers of Dubai's Skyline, including Emirates Towers the 10th highest building in the world.
·  Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum's House, which dates back to 1896, is a wonderful example of Islamic Design and is now home to several interesting galleries.
·  Alongside Sheikh Saeed's house, the Heritage Village, which incorporates many historic attractions including demonstrations of pottery, weaving, cookery and pearl diving.
·  Bastakia, to view some of the oldest buildings in Dubai with their traditional wind towers, (one of the earliest forms of air conditioning).
·  The 150-year old Al Fahidi Fort, home to Dubai Museum where you can experience Dubai's history as a trading and pearl diving Centre.
·  The textile Souq. Where you can see exquisite fabrics to suit every taste, and wonder around the small winding alleys of old Dubai enjoying the sights and sounds of history.

We will complete our tour with a "Golden experience". You will be given the opportunity to explore the gold market and see for yourself, why Dubai is known as "THE CITY OF GOLD."