Dubai City Tours

Dubai City Tour

Dubai City tour offers the exquisite visit to some of the most explicit places in the city of Dubai. The city has long historical heritage and is also known as the city of Gold for its age long Gold Trade business that is famous across the globe. Dubai is a city that has a blend of historic and modern elements. The place is a huge business hub and a centre for attraction for the tourists across the globe. We offer you visit to some of the majestic architectural marvels along with the places that depict the lifestyle of the residents and their traditions.
Funtours offer an explicit visit to the marvelous places that are being praised across the globe for their beauty and amazing construction. With the amazing Dubai City tour you get to explore the exotic places like the world famous hotel called Burj Al Arab. It is regarded as the best hotel in the world and has been equipped with the world’s finest facilities. The place has a marvelous construction and is the only seven star hotels in the whole world. You also get the chance to get a panoramic view of the beautifully constructed Island called the Palm Island. It is the first artificially constructed island in UAE and is sort of a miracle to watch. The Dubai City tours then heads to the majestic architectural marvel called the Jumeirah Mosque. It is an absolute cultural Heritage and is the most photographed place in the city.
The errand to explore the best of Dubai then heads to the Sheikh Zayed Road that offers majestic views of the tall towers of Dubai’s skyline. You also get the view of the world’s tenth tallest building called the Emirates tower. The journey of the Dubai City tour then moves towards the Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum’s House. It is an historic place which was constructed way back in 1896 and portrays exclusive Islamic art work and is now the home for numerous art galleries offering some exclusive artwork. In the neighborhood of this heritage place is the Heritage village which has been constructed specially to portray the ancient living style and offers demonstrations of cookery, pearl diving, pottery and weaving.
Dubai City tour also offers the visit to the majestic Al Fahidi Fort which is now reconstructed into the Dubai Museum. The structure was built 150 years ago and portrays the ancient lifestyle and the transition between the modern and the old times. The tour also offers visit to Bastakia where you get the glimpse of the oldest wind towers. Dubai is a place known for its trade and the Dubai City tour also offer the visit to the traditional Souqs. You get the chance to explore the traditional Gold souq and the textile souq to get the view of the ancient trading ways and some explicit art works.
Dubai City Tour offers to you such an amazing tour experience that you can never forget. The city of gold has a lot for the tourists to explore and this amazing tour gives you the chance to get the best of the exploration opportunity. Dubai city tour is a sort of tour that excites everyone and thus can be enjoyed with the complete family and loved ones.